Turkmenistan’S President Just Banned Women From Driving

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In late 1994, the government began a crackdown against independent Muslims, primarily in Tashkent and within the major cities of the Fergana Valley. In 2019, Berdimuhamedow was awarded the best award of the International Cycling Union for his nation’s dedication to the sport. By decree of Berdymuhamedov in January 2019, the federal government will steadily end state funding of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan; it will be phased out in three years.

He then visited Russia and President Vladimir Putin at the end of the same month. Article 60 of the Turkmen Constitution stipulated that the appearing president “may not stand for election to the Presidency”, which would have barred Berdimuhamedow from operating within the 2007 presidential elections. However, on 24 December 2006, the People’s Council voted to remove this provision, making him eligible for the election as one of the six chosen candidates, all members of the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. Berdimuhamedov was supported by the political elite, and the official results showed him as winning 89% of the vote. Following Niyazov’s death in December 2006, the State Security Council of Turkmenistan appointed Berdimuhamedow as performing president.

Already within the 18th century, there was a rich literature within the Turkmen language. Turkmen is a member of the East Oghuz department of the Turkic family of languages; its closest relatives being Turkish and Azerbaijani, with which it shares a comparatively high diploma of mutual intelligibility. Iraqi and Syrian “Turkmen” communicate dialects that form a continuum between Turkish and Azerbaijani, in each cases heavily influenced by Arabic. ), additionally referred to as Turkmen Turkic or Turkmen Turkish, is a Turkic language spoken by the Turkmens of Central Asia, primarily of Turkmenistan, Iran and Afghanistan. It has an estimated five million native audio system in Turkmenistan, an additional 719,000 speakers in Northeastern Iran and 1.5 million individuals in Northwestern Afghanistan.

On eleven August 2019, an episode of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver featured a clip of the incident, which was played thrice. This was a part of a protracted piece satirising the dictator, culminating in the unveiling of a 55 sq meter marble cake adorned with a large picture of the president falling off the horse . In 2008, he dismissed Akmyrat Rejepow, the longtime chief of the presidential safety detail and one of many main proponents of Niyazov’s personality cult. He was reelected as president of the National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan on 22 April 2018. In his first presidential journey abroad, Berdimuhamedov visited Saudi Arabia in mid-April 2007.

In February, a brand new version of the alphabet was printed within the press. On April 12, 1993, the Mejlis of Turkmenistan permitted a presidential decree on the brand new alphabet. During this era, the Arabic alphabet was used extensively for writing.

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Turkmens are direct descendants of the Oghuz Turks, who had been a western Turkic people that spoke the Oghuz department of the Turkic language household. After the dissolution of USSR, in January 1993, a gathering was held at the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on the problem of replacing the Cyrillic with the Latin alphabet, at which a fee was fashioned to develop the alphabet.

He was appointed to the federal government as Minister of Health in 1997, and he was moreover appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers , a publish akin to that of a Vice-President, in 2001. In April 2004, Niyazov suspended Berdimuhamedow’s wage for 3 months as a result of healthcare workers were not being paid. This article could also be expanded with text translated from the corresponding article in Russian.

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The Council said in its announcement that Öwezgeldi Ataýew, who, as the Chairman of the Assembly of Turkmenistan was to turn into the appearing president, was not appointed “in view of the truth that the prosecutor-general had instituted legal proceedings against him”. Berdimuhamedow graduated from the Turkmen State Medical Institute in 1979 and entered a career in dentistry. By 1992 he had become a part of the dentistry faculty on the Medical Institute. In 1995, in the course of the rule of Saparmurat Niyazov, Berdimuhamedow grew to become head of the dentistry heart of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry.

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It’s probably the most famous poem among the Turkmen individuals, composed by Magtymguly. The poem depicts the great thing about the Turkmen land, praises valiancy and spirit of the Turkmen folks, and requires the unity of all Turkmens. This works embody, but are not restricted to the Book of Dede Korkut, Gorogly, Layla and Majnun, Yusuf Zulaikha and others. Turkmen literature comprises oral compositions and written texts in Old Oghuz Turkic and Turkmen languages.

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Turkmen has official status in Turkmenistan, nevertheless it doesn’t have official status in Iran or Afghanistan, where massive communities of ethnic Turkmens live. Turkmen can be spoken to lesser various degrees in Turkmen communities of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and by diaspora communities, primarily in Turkey and Russia.

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