US Representative Jason Chaffetz, Online Gambling Antagonist, Won’t Seek Reelection to Congress

US Representative Jason Chaffetz, Online Gambling Antagonist, Won’t Seek Reelection to Congress

US Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) is walking away from politics and departing Congress when his term expires in 2018. The House Oversight Committee chairman said he’s following the path he’s long championed: that public service should be for a limited time and not become a lifetime career in an announcement posted to Facebook.

US Rep. Jason Chaffetz has had enough of Congress, and that’s just fine with online gambling advocates.

Chaffetz’ departure is good news for on line gambling. The Utahan has been a leading sponsor of anti-internet gaming legislation, mainly his authoring and introducing of RAWA, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act.

Though RAWA gained traction that is little Congress (despite billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s tried persuasion through campaign dollars), Chaffetz saying he’s making town is a welcomed development to many online gamblers and casino operators that are purchased internet gaming.

The Republican legislator has swiftly become a rising star in the GOP in recent years, as he’s overseen the Congressional investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time as United States Secretary of State. Chaffetz grilled the previous First Lady and Democratic presidential candidate, and the scrutiny provided plenty of headlines and talking points for Republicans and Donald Trump during the recent election.

Not About Winning

Chaffetz has made it clear that his choice has nothing regarding any concern about his prospective for reelection.

‘ For those that would speculate otherwise, allow me be clear that I have no ulterior motives. I have always been confident I would continue to be re-elected by large margins. I’ve the support that is full of Ryan . . . I’ve produced decision that is personal’ Chaffetz noted.

The congressman stated he wouldn’t rule out a run that is political the future, prompting some to believe he may have his eyes set regarding the Utah governorship down the line. Sitting Republican Governor Gary Herbert’s term shall be up in 2020.

Sessions vs. States’ Rights

America is facing an abundance of critical dilemmas domestically and around the world. That is why gambling that is online on the federal level doesn’t appear likely to become a congressional target anytime soon.

But, concerns remain for Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey, the three states with legalized online gambling, aswell as additional states which can be mulling internet betting legislation. The nationwide Governors Association recently issued a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions opining that the legalization of iGaming must certanly be kept up to states that are individual.

During Sessions’ Senate confirmation hearing, he declared he had been ‘shocked’ when the Department of Justice issued an opinion in 2011 in the longstanding Wire Act that essentially opened up internet gambling. RAWA seeks to reverse the 2011 DOJ ruling.

It might seem unlikely that the Trump presidency would support legislation that is anti-gambling. But Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands tycoon whom claims become on a moral crusade to block online gaming, was Trump’s donor that is largest, having given many millions to his presidential efforts.

Trump famously pledged to ‘drain the swamp’ and rid Washington of politicians providing to powerful lobbyists and donors. The issues surrounding online gambling could test that campaign promise.

New England Patriots Visit White House, Trump Happy to See Pals Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick

The latest England Patriots went to Washington this to celebrate their Super Bowl LI title week. President Donald Trump, as is customary, invited the NFL champs towards the White home following the Pats overcame seemingly insurmountable chances in returning from 25 right down to win the game that is big February.

President Trump welcomed the brand new England Patriots towards the White House this to celebrate their Super Bowl win week. (Image: John Tlumacki/Getty Images)

With the Atlanta Falcons up 28-3 in the third quarter, live in-game betting gave the Patriots little chance in hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Las Vegas sportsbooks were taking wagers in the Patriots at 16-1 and moneyline at +1600 during the second half.

Trump said at yesterday’s ceremony, ‘ I think we looked at the odds and they provided you less than one half of one per cent of winning the game.’

After scoring 31 unanswered, the comeback that is record-setting sportsbooks and capped off a disappointing NFL season for oddsmakers. But for superstar quarterback Tom Brady and head advisor Bill Belichick, the success was possibly their sweetest yet.

On the steps of the South Lawn, Belichick declared, ‘we have had the privilege that is great be here many times, but this one, the way we had been treated plus the possibilities to be into the Oval workplace, to meet up with the president, to see the inside of the White House, has simply been fabulous.’

Patriots Support Trump

While numerous Patriots players opted to skip the White House ceremony, with some publicly citing Trump’s administration as their reason, the group’s leadership certainly endorses #45.

Billionaire owner Robert Kraft, whom made his fortune in paper and packaging, typically avoids the political arena. But this the Kraft Group CEO donated $1 million to Trump’s inaugural committee year.

Kraft said at the White House, ‘Overcoming long odds through perseverance, perseverance, & most importantly, mental toughness, may be the foundation of exactly what is great about that nation.’

He stated of Trump, ‘A very good friend of mine for over 25 years, a man who’s mentally tough and hardworking as anybody I am aware, launched a campaign for the presidency against 16 career politicians, facing odds almost as long as we faced into the fourth quarter.’

Belichick can be a friend of Trump’s, and the coach also wrote the then-candidate a page of encouragement during the presidential election.

Brady supported Trump in 2016 too, and the president has said the quarterback and Super Bowl LI MPV has told him he voted in his benefit.

Hernandez Commits Suicide

Sunlight had been shining on the South Lawn, but a shadow that is dark over the Patriots organization on Wednesday after news broke that former play Aaron Hernandez took their very own life in prison.

Hernandez invested three years with the Patriots and caught 18 touchdown passes from Brady. However in August of 2013, he was convicted of murdering their friend Odin that is former Lloyd.

Hernandez was serving life in prison without the likelihood of parole as he was discovered hanging in his cell on Wednesday early morning.

‘Vegas Dave’ Arrested on Misdemeanor Battery Charge After Not Guilty Plea in Federal Case

Life just got a much more complicated for ‘Vegas’ Dave Oancea, the celebrated professional sports bettor, who was indicted week that is last a federal grand jury, accused of misuse of Social Security figures.

‘Vegas’ Dave Oancea has hired a formidable team that is legal David Chesnoff who aided Paul Phua beat an illegall recreations betting rap in 2015. (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Oancea was arraigned on Wednesday to pleaded not liable to charges that he provided gambling enterprises with Social Security numbers that either belonged to other folks, or were simply made up. The prosecution alleges he carried out the ruse in order to prevent declaring any winnings to the taxman.

But simply moments after he stood down through the dock, he had been arrested by Metro Police for a warrant from the domestic battery case from July. He had been released a long time later.

‘Petty’ Move, says Lawyer

Oancea has made a title for himself being a handicapper that is successful gambler. His bet on the Kansas City Royals to win the 2015 World Series at 30-1 brought him an amount that is certain of in gambling circles, not to mention $2.5 million in winnings.

Because of the Kansas City Royals, he additionally has the way to construct a formidable team that is legal which ended up being left unimpressed by its client’s unexpected arrest Wednesday.

‘Apparently one of the IRS agents decided him taken on the misdemeanor, even though the federal judge said we had 30 days to clear it up,’ defense attorney Tom Pitaro said, adding that his client did not know the warrant had been issued that they would call Metro to have.

‘I’ve been doing this 40 years, and I do not think i have ever seen pettiness that is such this sort of move,’ he included.

Chesnoff in the Case

Oancea may be in a super taut spot but there’s one man you need by your side if you ever find your self in warm water in Vegas, and that man is attorney David Chesnoff, that is also representing Vegas Dave.

Chesnoff represented the Malaysian high stakes poker player and businessman Paul Phua, who was arrested in the summer time of 2014 and accused of being the mastermind of a multi-million-dollar illegal World Cup wagering ring.

Those arrested with Phua during an FBI sting at Caesars Palace pleaded guilty and and received fines that are six-figure 5 years’ probation, during which time these are typically banned from going into the usa.

But Phua pleaded not accountable, along with valid reason: he’d hired Chesnoff. Having identified some suspicious FBI surveillance practices in case, which he said amounted to a search that is illegal Chesnoff got each and every little bit of FBI evidence dumped of court, eviscerating the prosecution’s case. Phua walked, or rather he flew house, on his personal jet.

The judge within the Oancea case has set the test date for June 20, once the defendant will face nine counts of abuse of the Social Security quantity, plus 10 counts of causing an institution that is domestic file false reports, and could be considering five years for each count. Vegas Dave will be Chesnoff that is preying can their magic.

Sheldon Adelson’s $5 Million Trump Donation Provokes Worries of Federal On The Web Gambling Ban

Is US AG Jeff Sessions preparation to ban online gambling at a federal level?

Rumors, first reported by Gambling Compliance, that Sessions is about to make good on their promise to ‘revisit’ the DOJ’s opinion on online gambling, have been swirling since Monday.

Is talk of Jeff Session’s intentions to revisit the 2011 Wire Act interpretation cause for alarm or just rumor? (Image: CNBC)

The revelation on Tuesday in a Federal Election Commission filing that online gambling-hater Sheldon Adelson had contributed $5 million to Trump’s inauguration did little to quell anyone’s anxieties. This is certainly together with the $11.2 million that Adelson reportedly gave Trump and Trump-affiliated PACs during the election.

The Washington Post recently noted that Adelson donated $20 million to a GOP super PAC called the Senate Leadership Fund last September just days prior to the Restoration of America’s Wire Act was reintroduced in the Senate.

Sessions ‘Shocked’ by 2011 Opinion

Gambling Compliance reported sources on Capitol Hill saying that Sessions could act on reversing the DOJ’s 2011 opinion on online gambling within days, although other sources have denied this is the case.

The opinion in question had been that the Wire Act prohibited internet activities wagering alone and not casino video gaming or poker, and it paved the way for specific states to legalize and regulate these games inside their borders.

Sessions declared himself to have been ‘shocked’ by the opinion when he was quizzed about it during his AG verification.

‘Apparently, there is some reason or argument that can be made to guide the Department of Justice’s [2011] position, but used to do oppose it when it happened and it seemed to me to be unusual…’ he said.

Asked whether he would take another look during the viewpoint he stated, ‘we would revisit it and I also will produce a choice on it based on careful study. I have not gone that far to offer you an opinion today.’

Ban Would be Un-Trumpist

Still, a federal ban would may actually be an odd one for the Trump administration which defines itself as pro-business and against regulations that stifle business.

In a 2011 interview with Forbes, Trump declared, ‘[Online gambling] has to take place because many other countries are doing it and, like typical, the US is just missing out.’

Meanwhile, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act is definitely an unpopular piece of legislation because of its neglect of states liberties, and the National Governors Association published to Sessions last month to carefully remind him of this.

‘we encourage you to take note of the current regulatory mechanisms put in place by the states to ensure that consumers and children are protected, and that licensees comply with strict standards of conduct,’ wrote the NGA as you review this issue.

‘States are best equipped to regulate and enforce online gaming. A ban drives this activity offshore to unregulated jurisdictions, out

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