Youth Hackjam: Learn the tricks and tips of video remix!

Go from watching videos to creating them!


Join us on July 6th to become a creator with Popcorn Maker, a free tool by Mozilla that lets you bring the web into your video – beginners totally welcome!

Popcorn can be used to make everything from an animated gif with sound to a documentary.  No software necessary – all you need is a browser.

Youth will be able to make, create, and collaborate at this learning lab. Using a project-based approach, youth will learn through making with the help of some awesome mentors!


Event Details



This event is for: Youth ages 10-18. Parents of youth 13 and under (must attend.) Any youth who wants to make something.

Skill level required: None! Even if you’re an expert, this hack jam will level up your skills

Date: Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Time: 1pm – 4pm

Where: Mozilla (366 Adelaide Street West, 5th Floor, suite 500) Our offices are accessible.

What to bring: A laptop! If you don’t have one or can’t borrow one, click hereto request one by July 4th and we will do our best to get you set up with one for the day! Unfortunately tablets and smart phones won’t work for this event 🙁

What’s a hackjam? A hackjam is the chance to learn a skill in a project-based, experiential way with other people. It’s about making, experimenting, and playing around!

Please note: Snacks will be provided but please eat lunch before you arrive. And bring a water bottle!

***This event requires that all youth ages 13 and under have an adult sign up with them and the adult must remain in the building during the event.***


It’s a Mozilla Maker Party!

Mozilla’s Maker Party is a world-wide celebration of making cool stuff and teaching others taking place from June 15 – September 15.

Make something with the web, then share it with the world. You can also host an event to teach the people you care about how to make something with the web. Find out more about Maker Party at

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