First Communion Attire Rules to select the Ideal Dress & clothes

First Communion Attire Rules to select the Ideal Dress & clothes

1st Holy Communion can be a essential minute in your kid’s life, and that means you probably wish to get this time unique and keep in mind as soon as with joy through the years.

That will help you accomplish that, we will demonstrate simple tips to plan it. The ceremony has certainly a stricter dress rule, therefore we’ll explain to you just how to select the best First Communion Dress, which is unique and certainly will fit completely and raise into the event!

And when you are looking for Communion clothes for guys, we have you covered too!

What is the communion ceremony that is first?

Numerous moms and dads wonder just how to give an explanation for First Communion with their kid. The very first Holy Communion is just a religious party in some Christian traditions by which an individual, often a kid, gets the Holy Eucharist . This ceremony sometimes appears being a re-enactment regarding the last dinner of Jesus Christ, referred to as final Supper. The communicants get bread (their human anatomy) and wine (their bloodstream), into the memory of Jesus.

The initial Communion is definitely a moment that is important Catholic families and it is celebrated with gatherings and gift suggestions, the same as a kid’s Baptism. This ceremony is typical within the Latin Catholic Church, but additionally when you look at the Lutheran Church or Anglican Communion.

Exactly just What age have you got your First Communion?

The 1st Communion occurs whenever a young child is involving the chronilogical age of seven and fourteen (usually within the second grade). The ceremony symbolizes a rite of passage – the communicants are actually prepared to welcome Jesus within their life and are usually happy to proceed with the teachings of this Church. This age groups implies that the young young ones have the ability to comprehend their faith’s challenges, and are nevertheless happy to engage and verify the claims built to the Church.

Dress Code Rules for the Very First Holy Communion Attire

The initial Communion is really a spiritual occasion, which means that your young child’s ensemble must have a conservative and modest design. In place of centering on getting designer clothing or piecing together a look that is fancy you ought to choose comfortable and stylish pieces for the kid.

There clearly was a particular gown rule needed for very very very first communicants and you ought to respect it without exclusion. In a primary Communion solution, you will find frequently around 20 or 30 children whom participate, therefore it often persists between 2-3 hours. Tradition and aesthetics dictate that most young ones should be dressed alike, without major attire discrepancies. All of the moms and dads get the exact same recommendations and consequently, you must just select suggested pieces.

If you are wondering what precisely a kid is meant to put on at his / her’s ceremony, there is below a couple of basic actions & guidelines to assist you choose a suitable first Communion attire for your youngster:

  1. Pick simple and easy age-appropriate products: the clothes articles must not distract your child throughout the solution
  2. No clothing that is casual are permitted, such as for example tees or jeans (unless the Church plainly mentions that a casual ensemble is allowed)
  3. Elegant dresses or clothes, in light colors such as for instance ivory or white
  4. Keep add-ons & ornaments to the absolute minimum for the look that is clean don’t overuse touches such as for example ruffles, sequins, bows, frills or feathers
  5. Don’t forget to inquire of your church’s agent when they have their very own gown rule, since these guidelines may differ based on your tradition or area.

Dress rule list for females


  • White or ivory dresses, with sleeves and easy cuts or habits, underneath the leg in total or calf length
  • Jeans ensemble in case the woman does want to wear n’t dresses (always check to see if it is permitted along with your Church representative)
  • Bolero jacket, sweater or a cardigan that is elegantoptional – this piece ought to be removed through the ceremony)
  • Light flats that are colored gown footwear without heels
  • White or ankle that is ivory, nude color tights (optional)
  • A veil or headpiece such as for instance a headband, barrette, ribbon, tiara and on occasion even flower wreath (optional – it really isn’t mandatory to put on one thing from the mind, it is possible to select an item based on your preferences that are daughter’s
  • Gloves (optional – for the after pictures, perhaps not when it comes to ceremony)


  • Bright or dark colored dresses, with complicated habits or cuts
  • Quick, tight or dresses that are sleeveless
  • Tank tops, spaghetti straps, deep necklines
  • Shoes with a high heels or in dark colors
  • Long socks or dark tights
  • Numerous add-ons pieces with complicated habits or manufactured from valuable materials (such as for instance diamond headpieces or veils with Swarovski rocks)
  • Make-up

The attire that is standard girls is light-colored dresses, by having a headpiece (usually a veil) and matching dress footwear. Sometimes girls are dressed as mini-brides, in fancy gowns, using veils that are white gloves. This ceremony possesses tone that is conservative so that the gowns must be modest or perhaps not adorned way too much.

Dress rule Checklist for boys

For their very first Communion, boys can wear their Sunday most readily useful – the most effective clothing they usually have and wear often when it comes to Sunday solution. The attire for the service that is religious frequently a stylish light or dark males’ suit and a couple of gown footwear for males.

Unless the Church calls for specific clothing, such as for instance white matches or dress shoes in a color that is precise you don’t need to purchase any brand new pieces with this solution, until you would you like to.


  • Light or dark-colored matches, sport coats or coats
  • A shirt that is white a collar, complete switch, with long or quick sleeves
  • Dark gown jeans: navy or black colored, by having a belt
  • Tie in a great color (such as red) or with a rather simple pattern (optional, dependent on your neighborhood church)
  • Dress footwear in a dark color (black colored, brown or grey) with dark socks


  • Polo shirts or casual tees
  • Jeans or sport jeans
  • Winter shoes or shoes

Exactly what are communion dresses?

Communion dresses are clothes used by girls during their 1st Communion ceremony. These dresses usually signify purity in addition to design can even be traditional or contemporary.

Parents’ purchase these gowns especially for this party, but you can re-use an old flower girl dress or a less formal garment if you want to save. You will find communities where in actuality the girls’ wear a grouped household treasure pieces, offered by their moms or sisters.

Exactly why are very first communion dresses white?

The white gown is a reminder for the white dress used during the Baptism ceremony also it symbolizes purity.

The Baptism is the sacrament that is first of Catholic Church and First Communion follows in 2nd. The Communion is to be able to reconnect utilizing the start of our journey as Christians, currently started using the Baptism.

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