What Would You Do with A Gigabit App?

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Mozilla Ignite is asking the world: “What Would You Do with A Gigabit App?”

Imagine if you were given bandwidth that is around a hundred times what you have right now– what interesting apps would you think of and build? Mozilla and the National Science Foundation are trying to figure out just that– they are partnering on an app development challenge to imagine and build apps from the  future.

The challenge focuses on six specific areas where the massive bandwidth would be of huge benefit to the population:

The deadline for the idea phase is Augut 23rd. A cool $15,000 in prizes will be awarded to the best ideas and commenters. September 20th is the deadline for submissions to the app development phase.  And in this phase, $485,000 will be awarded over three rounds in October, November, and January.

The challenge is broken down in four major rounds:

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Fore more information about the rounds and challenge rules, hop on over to the About section of the Mozilla Ignite site. It has good coverage on the objectives of the idea challenge, Mozilla’s involvement, and how to get started in submitting your idea.

One important thing to note though is that an idea should have at least an American citizen or US-based organization backer.

I’ve already submitted my gigabit app idea, so if you have a crazy and wonderful idea for a gigabit app, share it before August 23rd! 🙂

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