Hello, Toronto!

Toronto Skyline

Getting a new site off the ground always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that’s why I’m proud to write the first post for the Mozilla Toronto Community’s official site/blog. (Yey!)

This blog is envisioned to be the Mozillians‘ hub for stuff happening in Toronto (aka T.O.), Mozilla announcements, and hopefully be the jumping point for future volunteers to get involved in the Mozilla project.

Of course, I personally would like to bring more of the local community perspective, especially with the presence of a legitimate Mozilla Space in the city. In future posts, folks will see updates from Me, Majken “Lucy” Connor, and Mozillians in the neighborhood.

I’d like to close with a reminder of the multitude of ways Torontonians can get involved in the Mozilla project:

So, that’s it: First post, check!



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  1. ajbatac wrote on :

    Congrats bro!


    1. Regnard Raquedan wrote on :

      Hey! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂


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