Karl – Kissed Homer regarding the lips after stating that his mother taught him never to kiss a fool.

Karl – Kissed Homer regarding the lips after stating that his mother taught him never to kiss a fool.

But, it must be noted that Karl is suggested to be of German beginning, and males men that are kissingn’t fundamentally equate to homosexuality just around just respect in a few countries in europe, but generally instead of the lips, instead in the cheek. Karl additionally patted Homer on the behind after offering him a pep talk, however in the context associated with the situation, it might easily be viewed a comradely motion rather than an affectionate one. 12

  • Llewellyn Sinclair – is observed within the audience of gays. 4
  • Personal Burns – in the degree Medal of Homer, soon after Private Burns taunts Sergeant Abraham Simpson by stating that he will need certainly to kiss him after dodging their assault, Abraham Simpson, whenever choosing a pass that is second relates to Burns as, among other activities, a “nancy-boy” (a slang term for a homosexual). Nevertheless, this will be non-canon.
  • The Yes man – Although small is famous about that character, he possesses a rather eccentric and flamboyant character. Nevertheless, their message impediment is because of a swing.
  • Bisexual

    • Lady Gaga – this woman is freely bisexual in true to life (that will be hinted within the hit single “Poker Face”) as well as kisses Marge Simpson in Lisa Goes Gaga, much to Marge’s shock. Nevertheless, Marge is directly in terms of we all know.
    • Verity Heathbar – will leave her husband Charles for Patty, whom states which they had been brought together by their hatred of Homer. 13 Patty has never really had a marriage that is confirmed, but. bisexual men

    Hinted to be Bisexual

    • Rainier Wolfcastle – perhaps bisexual since he’s got their very very early homosexual porn movies situated within their room within the Strong hands associated with Ma, although these might have been designed for cash (a.k. A a gay for pay star) rather than as being a representation of their genuine sex.
    • Leprechauns – two of these seen hands that are holding a St. Patrick’s Day event. But, one of these hitched a gypsy woman in “Hex in addition to City”.

    • Duffman – Slept with Titania, who was simply contending in a bartending competition that he ended up being judging. 14 nonetheless, Bart mentions that Duffman is supposedly in a long-term relationship that is gay seeing him dining with Booberella. 15 He is later on in a relationship with Grady. 16 It must be noted, nevertheless, there are a number of different actors portraying Duffman, 17 and not every one of these fundamentally have a similar intimate orientation. Additionally, a few of the actors are now actually dead.
    • The ocean Captain – Apu delivers magazines that are pornographic maintain the water Captain’s team from resorting to situational homosexuality for approximately 10 minutes, at the very least. 18 nevertheless, the Captain can also be seen taking photos of Selma and Patty within the nude to deal with being away at ocean. 19
    • Santa’s minimal Helper – Intrigued by male dogs in the Springfield Gay Pride Parade. 20 but, he mated with both she is the Fastest21 and Rosa Barks, 22 each of who had been undoubtedly female as both unions produced puppies.
    • Ralph Wiggum – within the Simpsons Movie, he declares “I like males now! ” after seeing Bart nude for a skateboard. 23 but, Lisa Simpson was their very very very first crush. 24 It should really be noted, however, that absolutely nothing Ralph claims about himself is dependable since their comprehension of all things are debateable.
    • Martin Prince – generally speaking effeminate and ended up being shown to have crush on Ralph Wiggum at one point citation required. He’s accused to be homosexual by Nelson and protests, “I’m nothing yet! “; 1 but features a robot boyfriend as time goes on. 25 On one other hand, he did have an attraction to Princess Kashmir on seeing Bart’s picture of her dance with Homer, also talking about it to be “quite exciting” and calling her a “sexy woman” as he asked Bart whom she ended up being. 26 When he imagines himself being a baseball player in “changeable You” he could be keeping fingers with both a male and cheerleader that is female.
    • Lisa Simpson – into the episode “Holidays of Future Passed”, a montage of pictures had been showcased to demonstrate a glimpse of what’s in the future when it comes to Simpsons family members. Lisa is shown intimately keeping fingers with two ladies in one picture, then having a various girl in another picture. This woman is later on shown hitched to Milhouse Van Houten and achieving a kid with him, and perhaps marrying Ralph Wiggum. She’s got also dated some other males. Within the episode Beautiful Grandpa, Homer is flipping through the truth shows, to Lisa’s disgust. Nevertheless, whenever Homer and Lisa keep flipping through stations and determine a real possibility show on homosexual wedding she says ‘Well’ and thinks about this. Al Jean additionally teased that a future-set episode in Season 29 would feature Lisa winding up with a lady. 27 nonetheless, Mr. Lisa’s Opus is ambiguous about any of it. The episode Bart into the contradicts that are future when a then 38-year-old Lisa promotions and wins to become “the first straight feminine President” associated with united states of america.
    • Milhouse Van Houten – while Dr J. Loren Pryor reveal problems with Bart in kindergarten, he mentions about Bart’s “flamboyantly homosexual tendencies” but then discovered it was Milhouse’s file in place of Bart. Nevertheless, Milhouse possesses crush on Lisa and it has dated other girls such as for instance Samantha and Greta.
    • Gil Gunderson – Although when hitched to Shirley Gunderson, he could be shown in Tapped Out using a Pride outfit.

    • The initial, the 2nd plus the 3rd regarding the Cool Moms – all of them are married and have now sons, however when Marge abandons the club, they begin kissing and hugging one another. 28
    • Shauna Chalmers – this woman is implied become bisexual as Dolph stated that she invited 200 dudes and 7 girls to produce down together with her with a SpringFace message.
    • Lenny Leonard – Despite having a gf, 29 he could be hinted to be interested in Carl.
    • Carl Carlson – Despite having a spouse, 30 he could be hinted to be interested in Lenny.
    • Barney Gumble – within the bomb shelter he complains about being moved but he had been fine out it was Principal Skinner with it when he finds. He dated Daria before, nonetheless it might be their ness that is drunk that this.
    • Hans Moleman – He unfortunately states that “nobody’s gay for Moleman”. But, he once dated Selma, therefore whether or otherwise not he could be secretly homosexual or bisexual is up for debate.
    • Edna Krabappel – while she’s got dated a lot of men and ended up being hitched to Ned Flanders, when you look at the Ned-liest Catch, it really is revealed she dated Patty Bouvier when. Whenever Ned is all about to kiss Edna within an episode, he envisions all of those other individuals she has kissed. Patty’s face pops up and states it absolutely was an “experiment”.
    • Otto Mann – he could be seen as well as Julio into the episode Bart the theif.


    • Judge Constance damage – Indicates that she had been AMAB. 31
    • Brunella Pommelhorst – She stated she would return to Springfield Elementary as a guy, then again chose to maybe not proceed through utilizing the surgery and it is nevertheless a lady.
    • Stanlerina – she actually is Helen Lovejoy’s relative who had been AMAB, but transitioned to female at some true point in her life.
    • Wallis Wilkes-John.

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