Mozilla T.O. Puzzle Solved!

Did you get to solve the Mozilla T.O. puzzle last week? The puzzle was pretty difficult, but I’m sure a lot folks were smart enough to figure it out.

Here’s the answer:


Using the clues, if you search for “PATEL” and “STALLION” respectively, it will yield “DEV PATEL” and “THE DERBY STALLION” on the auto-complete search. Neat, huh?

The answer is a preview of what the Mozilla Toronto Community is up to in the next couple of months. We’re hoping to get a have a Dev Derby event by October and we’re in the process of looking for a Toronto-based expert on either Geolocation & Camera API or Media Queries.

I’ll keep everyone posted, but if you’re interested in helping out as an expert to guide some local community members on Geolocation & Camera API or Media Queries, it would be awesome if you reach out to us. 🙂

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